Taking flacid stuff and making it


We are Csaba Molnár and Márcio Kerber Canabarro, and in the middle of February 2015, we decided to create, and work, together. Combining our interests in performance art and visual culture, we designed, sewed, crafted, researched, wrote, choreographed, performed and financed - 'Tropical Escape Nø1': A self-organized-creative-burst-challenge; a study of filthy dreams, connecting exoticism and the labour involved in pleasure and fantasy, with personal and historical references.  


 The initial stimulus for the project, was the simple desire to explore materials together. We didn't bother ourselves with funding applications - as the aim was just spend time together, (we still discuss this issue, and sometimes it feels like a bold and rebellious decision, an attempt at resistance: to free ourselves from a pre-established contract of ideas to see what would come from nothing; sometimes sounds like suicide) and spent whatever spare time we had in the studio together. 


As a result of this time and with the help of enthusiastic friends we created a 55 min piece, and generated a diverse and dizzying series of array of avenues and ideas to explore and research.


AND NOW, WE WANT MORE! our experience together has instilled a desire to develop our work -  to push our ideas further and keep exploring together! 


The aim of our projects is not share information but pour it, sweat it out and show it, and through dialogue, try to build knowledge and alternative ways to exist: politically, sexually, economically and artistically. (utopia?)



We want to blow up our minds all around, constructing worlds & things we wish to see.We want to blow your mind, and inspire a desire to invest on alternatives for Normal, for living, for relating to people and for understanding. Go out and bake your own Carrot Cake!



-1/2 cup of oil (any oil, works good with coconut oil, and We put a bit less)

-3 medium carrots cut in cubes (go more carroty, we put up to 5 in times )

-4 eggs

-2 cups of sugar (we also don’t put fully two)

-2 1/2 cups of flour


-1 little pack or 1 table spoon of Baking powder


In the blender mix the carrots, oil, eggs and sugar. After bit by bit add the flour sifting it with the backing powder. Any extra like raisins or nuts, add after finishing using the blender. Put the doe at a pre heat oven (180 degrees) for around 35 min, or until when jabbing a toothpick, it will get out dry. (at home takes 45 min). Than is just be creative with the topping, mascarpone with lemon, coconut and sugar (the cake needs to be kept cold then), or melted chocolate, marzipan…




MÁRCIO Graduated in 2006 at UNIJUI (RS, Brazil), as a BA in Social Communication - Marketing and Advertisement, joined in 2007 the first generation of the Experimental Dance Group (Grupo Experimental de Danças da Cidade ) at Porto Alegre (RS, Brazil). After that in September 2008, he relocated to Europe to follow SEAD’s Undergraduate Artist Program in Salzburg which he finished in 2011. Ever since he has been collaborating with Adrienn Hód’s company, HODWORKS, based in Budapest (Hungary). Márcio has also collaborated with Matej Kejzar, Martin Kilvady and Keith Hennessy. Since August 2012 he joined Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods for VIOLET, in 2016 Canabarro and Vânia Rovisco choreographed by Meg Stuart perform the duet INFLAMÁVEL. In 2017 he is part of Atelier III and Projecting [Space[ other two project by Damaged Goods.

On September 2014 he started working with Peter Pleyer in Berlin for VISIBLE UNDERCURRENT a creation performed on November 2014. Were involve in this project artists of different generations: Yoshiko Chuma, Eva Karzag, Mark Tompkins, Peter Pleyer, Meg Stuart, Sasha Waltz, Jeremy Wade, Asaf Aharonson, Mor Demer and Paul Singh. 


CSABA was born in Lučenec (Slovakia) in 1986.He started his studies at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Accademy and continued in P.A.R.T.S. ( Performing Arts Research and Training Studios, directed by Anna Teresa De Keersmaeker, Bruxelles) graduating in 2008.He has worked as a performer with Adrienn Hód, Eszter Gál, Wally Cardona and with the Florence based company Virgilio Sieni Danza. He is a funding member of the BLOOM! artistic collective and he develops his interest as a choreographer independently as well as with the collective.His collaboration with Viktória Dányi and Tamara Zsófia Vadas SKIN ME was award with the Laban Prize of Contemporary Dance in Hungary as the best performance of 2014, same year in which the work was selected and perform at Aerowaves Spring Forward Festival.He is currently creating a comissioned worke for the Staatstheater Maiz (DE) to be premiered in 2016 and also for Trafó (HU) to be premiered in December 2015. Beside his own works his also a dancer for the hungarian dance company HODWORKS and teaches regularly at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy.


Our creations are creatures. They live a life of its own.



Our first Creation



Deep inwards



Specially for the SLANT Party!



The unofficial child



weird ongoing readings demo supreme SLANT III



coming up 2018 January at Trafó Budapest.


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