Aleksandra Borys & Márcio Kerber Canabarro

zero waste choreography.

recognising Earth as a forgotten base of awareness itself.

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- Speed - specially in Western modern culture comprehension, is dissonant with earth’s regenerative rhythms. Our actual Ecological crisis is a crisis of our sensuous of interdependence. A crisis of our ability to imagine socio-temporal-dramaturgy. Once the consequences of our present actions, must be dwell by future generations. Therefore speed today frames our awareness, and its current understanding is short-sighted. 

To come to terms with how reciprocal is the relation between ones well being, environmental health and the fact that, ourselves are environment and ecosystem per se; Aleksandra and Marcio started in 2018 to implement concepts of Zero waste in their choreographic work.

Zero Waste Choreography is a platform to rethink modes of creating, producing and presenting choreographic work. A moment of clear recognition of Earth as a forgotten base of awareness itself, an attempt of reconciliation with the more-than-human, an Ethos for Full Belonging. Bringing our social responsibility to the ways we convey messages, develop relations and cooperate with the living-land.

Most of the time as a social collective, we aren’t aware of our impact in the greater body - Earth. We produced and reproduce models of making and wasting: materials, energy and emotions; most of the time not intentionally or maliciously. But mistaken by our perception of time.

Hiking at Work

Walking is a practice of reconciliation with the land, and its rhythms.

Slowing Down, to stepping speed, is to resume the dialog with an ecosystem you are journeying through.

Negotiating pathways and resting places with the more-than-human, is to rediscover the open circuit that is our perception. Our interdependence.


On a bagpack is the understanding of ones connections with their needs. Objects turn into travelling companions and also essential elements, once they become fewer; those are the only tools to relay on. All has to be reused at its best, each presence, not forgotten, every gram carried. Home is mobile: the weight of your body plus the weight of your choices.

“We all travel the Milky Way together, trees and men… trees are travellers, in the ordinary sense. They make journeys, not very extensive ones, it is true; but our own little comes and goes are only little more than tree-wavings - many of them not so much.” -John Muir-

Aleksandra Borys


I work in the fields of choreography, video, installation, astronomy, cosmology and ecology. My work looks at the human body, environment, the earth, the universe, quantum physics and asks what is the choreography and dance that happens between them. What can the body learn from the land and night sky, how the relationship of human to universe influences the way the earth is treated, and what are the consequences of this. Fascinated by space travel, my work admires the beauty of planet Earth. Interested in looking at Earth from a distance, how this perspective changes the way life on our planet is approached. The work wishes to challenge the ways human physical existence is viewed.



our work

re-Imagining life on Earth


a future archeology


London at Lumen Crypt Gallery 

re-Imagining life on Earth

Built out of things we find on the street, in trashcans and in space, this gentle act addresses questions of care, slowness and value.


The slow transformation of the space, is an invitation to explore and reflect upon the fiction of what a future-archeology-of-impact may be like. What kind of artifacts will represent our life's contribution to the development of Earth. And what are we creating to journey through cosmo with us.


story telling history

EYES BIRDS ALIENS is our current research in new and alternative ways of using contemporary choreography as an ecosystem, a vessel for human association with the more-than-human.

Offering time and space for audience members to explore the idea of inter-dependency of all  life forms, and the different evolutionary technologies inherent to distinct species.


Visual Cues for Hope

TRACKING :Visual Cues for Hope is an ongoing file of images, capturing little sculptural altars, made from residues and materials found and left on sites which we cross. The aim is to inspire the curiosity and thought towards what is considered waste and what is considered sacred, since all myths and cultural knowledge has been originated by the human ability to perceive and interact  with their immediate surroundings and resources.