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Aleksandra Borys and Márcio Kerber Canabarro


 re-imagining life on Earth

Our waste must become a resource for magic, if we mind to understand our responsibility for the Anthropocene. The entity that interacts and disfigures Earth.
Who is truly endangered isn’t the planet, neither life itself, but human existence. Ecological awareness is ultimately humankind preservation.

A durational choreographic installation created with things found on the streets, in trashcans, in space. This gentle act addresses questions of care, slowness and value.

The work allows the audience members to explore the idea of inter-dependency of all forms and the subtile and sensitive balance connecting Earth life system. .

The slow transformation of the space is an invitation to explore and reflect upon the fiction of what a future-archeology-of-impact may be like. What kind of artefacts will represent our life's contribution to the development of Earth. And what are we creating to journey through cosmo with us.

18.10.2018 Budapest

"Is beautiful to see the rocks suspended in crochet. Rocks, as almost everything, has carbon in its constitution and 
exchange particles with its surroundings.
Is crazy to think that an atom of rock, can end up in the structure of my knees... "

Lúcio Kerber Canabarro

Mythology, tools, behaviour codes, rituals and our general cultural landscape begins with the plasticity of textures discovered in the more-than-human.We, thus, developed new materials, that now can be found as waste in nature.
Whats the future of folklore in this new dynamic interaction?

18.11.2018 London.

Masks are tools, which help to dissolves our personal identity, creating a bound among the ones using them. Is said, masks allow the -spirit- to be seen. In many traditions they aid the connection between humans and more-than-humans. Revealing our relentless relation with the intangible.

19.11.2018  London.

"The large carbon reservoirs in the ocean, on land and in this rocks, all exchange carbon with the atmosphere. They all breath, like lungs of different sizes and different breathing rates.  The atmosphere is Grand Central Station, a CO2 conduit, shared by all of the CO2 lungs on the planet. The carbon in fossil fuels, has been sleeping in the geological beds for a long time. As it moves into the atmosphere, it will provoke responses from the other parts of carbon cycle."

David Archer, The Long Thaw: How Humans are Changing the Next 100.000 Years on Earth´s Climate

“...while a certain tree, forest, or mountain itself may not be holy, the life-sustaining services it provides - the oxygen we breathe, the water we drink - are what make existence possible, and so deserve our respect. From this point of view, the environment becomes sacred, because to destroy what is essential for life is to destroy life itself.”

Wangari Maathai - Replenishing the Earth . Spiritual Values for Healing Ourselves and the World - Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.

We inhabit residues. The value we attribute to them is what qualify how hard is to let them go and where they go. After displaying this objects, we methodically strike it down separate the material, and send it back to the recycling bin. 
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