Performing art is a co-creation between what is being shown and what is being noticed, audience and performer are designers of the experience that is being undertaken at an specific time-space. Performing is to put yourself into service: to channel and transmit the meeting of fields in a tangible manifestation of the invisible. To listen to the unique consciousness of a collective. A celebration of our interdependency.

Collaboration is in the core of my artistic practice. I have always engage in processes as a co-author of what is being developed.

Either by actively instigating a project or joining the art cast for other choreographer.

No performance is done alone.

creating with

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Deeper F. Collective

Since 2017.Deeper Foundation is a collective created by the artists Csaba Molnar, Imre Vass, Tamara Zófia Vádas and Marcio K. Canabarro. Focus on mutual and community development.

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Aleksandra Borys

Together we started off in 2018.

A collaboration initiated by hiking, camping and hanging out with Ecology as focus, generated "Zero Waste Choreography " a premise for reinventing Choreography..

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Csaba Mólnar

In 2015, the award winning first work  "Tropical Escape". initiated a collaboration that reach diverse levels, from teaching to design in a total resourceful and creative mannered 

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Work as a guest artist

Hodworks, Peter Pleyer, Par.B.L.aux, Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods are few of the choreographers/companies I had worked with.

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