Deeper Foundation Collective / Lúcio Kerber Canabarro

The lecture performances series


Everything we know and we sense of ourselves is conditioned by the atmosphere.

L-SERIES comes from the dialogs between the brothers Márcio and Lúcio Kerber Canabarro, connecting general awareness and knowledge, from the understanding that all was invented/created with(in) the environment one finds oneself. And the common habit of forgetting ones own agenda as just one more element, just a mare point of view amongst billions of others perspectives and tales about the world.  

Mixing personal stories, with literature, academic studies, art and history references, L-SERIES attempts to incite a process of broadening the imaginary landscape of the participants. Through curiosity and empowerment of our ordinary ability of linking, coding and connecting different materials, onto the cultural invention we all inhabit. A bricolage for inspiration. A research for possible transformation.

The series start with three lectures, a two weeks lab and different actions happening at Estúdio Amplo, Porto Alegre, Brazil, from the 6th of July to the 21st July 2019. 


L-SERIES is  possible thanks to the work, support and generosity  of Estúdio Amplo (Porto Alegre BR) and A Bela Associação (Almada PT).

Reclaim the power of our imagination and  the power of our ability of making connections. 
Reclaim the streets, space, reclaim time, myths and rites, reclaim the pagan, reclaim the way we find meaning for life with and within the atmosphere. Reclaim how we relate with the otherness and ourselves. Reclaim states of consciousness. Reinvent culture, allow culture to move and be malleable, to digress and to serve as the fabric that unite us with the collective, with the environment. Culture was invented, as the notion of our separation from nature; from each other. So reclaim the power of inventing means to unfold our desire for connexion, beyond our smartphones, cable tvs, satellites, automobiles, social media or internet. Let it all unfold on ideas of sustainability.  Rave. “Follow your dance” “is your birth right to dance with and underneath the stars”. There is more out there then our agendas.

Almada 20.04.2019


the environmental cost of our detachment, how objects have been loosing their history, making them become easily disposable. the need for reconnecting with the worlds materiality , with our senses and how things and ourselves are craft within Earth resources. facing that we live on the costs of future generations - colonialists of the future.

the forgotten history of yesterday - social movement and civil rights, our freedom of expression was developed mostly through blood spills. how to do not take knowledge for granted? non-violent resistance? and why fascism is not a sustainable political alternative on a world facing Ecological Cataclysm? the power of movements.

the role of diversity on a stable bio-system. unlikeness of existence for realising that independency is in reality interdependent. a part / apart from environment - the creation of nature.  finding how to cultivate vessels where the diverse can co-exist and flourish. Reclaiming free spaces for social interaction. RAVE