Csaba Mólnar & Márcio Kerber Canabarro

it's all a filthy dream

taking flacid stuff and making it hard.

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We are Csaba Molnár and Márcio Kerber Canabarro, and in the middle of February 2015, we decided to create, and work, together. Combining our interests in performance art and visual culture, we designed, sewed, crafted, researched, wrote, choreographed, performed and financed - 'Tropical Escape Nø1': A self-organized-creative-burst-challenge; a study of filthy dreams, connecting exoticism and the labour involved in pleasure and fantasy, with personal and historical references.  


 The initial stimulus for the project, was the simple desire to explore materials together. We didn't bother ourselves with funding applications - as the aim was just spend time together, (we still discuss this issue, and sometimes it feels like a bold and rebellious decision, an attempt at resistance: to free ourselves from a pre-established contract of ideas to see what would come from nothing; sometimes sounds like suicide) and spent whatever spare time we had in the studio together. 

As a result of this time and with the help of enthusiastic friends we created a 55 min piece, and generated a diverse and dizzying series of array of avenues and ideas to explore and research.


AND NOW, WE WANT MORE! our experience together has instilled a desire to develop our work -  to push our ideas further and keep exploring together! 


The aim of our projects is not share information but pour it, sweat it out and show it, and through dialogue, try to build knowledge and alternative ways to exist: politically, sexually, economically and artistically. (utopia?)

We want to blow up our minds all around, constructing worlds & things we wish to see.We want to blow your mind, and inspire a desire to invest on alternatives for Normal, for living, for relating to people and for understanding. Go out and bake your own Carrot Cake!

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our work

Love , devotion , indulgence , addiction , commodities , usage . awkwardness , consumption, trust and disappearance. EYE CANDY is a sweet and translucid visual performance created by Csaba Molnar and Marcio K Canabarro

Tropical Escape

Our first work, has won the 2016 Labán Prize award in Hungary and the 2018 Critic award in Denmark.

Escapism as alternative resistance; escape not to surrender, escape as refusal of and as a way to survive the dominant normative order. The piece is a study of filthy dreams, connecting exoticism and the labour involved in pleasure and fantasy, with personal and historical references. “Tropical Escape” is the first collaborative project between Csaba Molnár and Márcio Kerber Canabarro. In 2016 the piece was awarded The Laban Prize of Choreography in Hungary.


Together we had done a lot, for more about our work and projects, please click in the button bellow and have fun in our website 

TROPICAL ESCAPE lecture in Hungarian

"…the importance of rekindling a political imagination. (…), escape itself need not to be a surrender but, instead, may be more like a refusal of a dominant order and its systemic violence. Queer fantasy is linked to utopian longing, and together the two can become contributing conditions of possibility for political transformation.Utopia´s rejection of pragmatism is often associated with failure. And, indeed, most profoundly, utopianism represents a failure to be normal. (…)Within failure we can locate a kernel of potentiality. I align queer failure with a certain mode of virtuosity that helps the spectator exit from the stale and static lifeworld dominated by the alienation, exploitation, and drudgery associated with capitalism or landlordism. "

  -José Esteban Muñoz, Cruising Utopia The Then and There of Queer Futurity. pages 172-173.-


Love is sweet