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CARE is a series of encounters focus on community empowerment, the first one happened in December 2019 in Hungary, CARE2 is coming up in March 2020 in Portugal, CARE2.3 arrives to the UK in July 2020 and in October CARE3 will hit Poland.

Things we learn:


1.Compassionate ears and time for mutual attention;

We always learn when we dare to listen. 


organic curatorial approach


One of the premisses of making the gathering happen are encounters - time - spend one to one or in small groups, bringing the attention to each other. Making the exercise of connecting our feelings with our needs -all  prior the CARE week long gathering.


Those encounters help to facilitate, inform and form the program, creating an agency of engagement and participation from the very beginning.

2.Keep it fluid, Care isn't stationary and needs space to breath.

Adaptability and patience, becoming aware that no challenge is a problem but rather an offer, accessing changes as opportunities of improvement, is what can make activities interesting and host comfortable to make additions and transformations as necessary. Figure out a new space, last minute, before an session might define how the information is received by participants. And believe, our experience is that if there is change is always for good, its always what your gathering needs.

3.Empower hosts and participants


All is an offer, stimulate hosts to trust what they already know, not needing a big effort or huge preparation to share a practice or hold a space. What we know is already interesting enough to be shared and experienced by others. This thought helps to create a more horizontal space, between who proposes an activity and who attend it. A space devoid of right and wrong, but fulfilled with empathy.

there is so much unknown resource in our ecology; just around the corner, there are people you dont know, with talents you can’t imagine. There is much more out there then our agendas, and this is why is important to connect, and share information. We are responsible for cultivating an environment that is inspirational because we just thrive where inspiration is alive. Though complaining about things is important, complaining at thing at your bedroom do not promote any transformation, is what you do about the things you aren’t happy with that generates new movements. Its important to ACT and be consistent with it.

4.Trust the ripples, information travels beyond the physical space of the gathering

The information is carried by participants for beyond the gathering space and time, so keep in mind that the success of a meeting isn't on the number of people that attend the meeting, but in the level of engagement of those who attend. Motivated people will spread the word, making others curiosa and increasing awareness towards the topics and communities that are being discuss in CARE sessions.

5.Stimulate people to talk to each other and hang out, that is the place where great ideas come from.


Give schedule space for people to hang out, a program with breath helps participants to assimilate information. 

Also, in CARE1 edition, were not used social media before the gatherings, all communication happened through private messages, emails and actual talks. Friends of friends of friends - the connections will grow stronger, and people that are genuinely interested in the topics of discussion will tent to show up.

Click in the links bellow for specific information about CARE gatherings



9-14 MARCH 2020


9-14 DECEMBER 2019



12-18 OCTOBER 2020




06-12 JULY 2020


Contact to learn more about how to take part on CARE

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