Somewhere in between the flash and the invisible. Through movement, either by travelling, hiking, mobilising words or actually dancing is how information unfolds and manifests itself.

Everything I perceive vibrates. 


is a Berlin based dancer with B.A. in social Communication (UNIJUI - RS - BR) and a Performing Major (SEAD -Salzburg-AT).


His work with Csaba Molnár (HU) “Tropical Escape” has been laureate in Hungary and Denmark.


In 2017 Canabarro started a collaboration with Aleksandra Borys called “Zero Waste Choreography”  a platform to rethink modes of creating, producing and presenting choreographic work in relation to their environmental impact .They develop together the intervemntion/photographic project “TRACKING: Visual Cues for Hope” and the Choreographic Installation “re-imagining life on Earth : COSMIC DEBRIS”. “COSMIC DEBRIS” has been also featured in TanzKongress’19 and inside of the site specific Proecting Space  (2017) by Meg Stuart / Damged Goods.

Canabarro is also part of the Hungarian based DEEPER F.Collective. Together with DEEPER F. Collective and A Bela Associaçao, a Portuguese association, in 2019, starts the development of CARE - Activism, Art and Electronic Music, a series of non-profit gatherings focus on how we build, influence and transform our large community through the chain of our immediate affections, ecologies and our ability to care. Later, in June 2020  the same collaboration gave origin to the monthly digital publication CARE WHERE? Zine, a digital space to host creative communities, a ripple from the pandemic, lockdowns and the new morphing regulations on social assembly and proximity. 


Canabarro also has worked with well known artists as Sara Shelton Mann, Keith Hennessy, Adrien Hod (Hodworks), Peter Pleyer, Mark Tompkins, Benoit Lachambre and Meg Stuart. Currently Canabarro is working on “CASCADE” the new creation of Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods to premiere in January 2021 in Antwerp and in “BOUNCE” new project by Costas Kekis to be premiered in January 2021 in Vienna.